Planning for the Future: Creating a Master Plan

Quoted from the current draft of Peninsula Township’s Master Plan: “A Master Plan…describes a long-term and comprehensive perspective of the future of the community. It offers an educational element to frame community issues along with an aspirational and goal-oriented view of the future.” Township Master Plans are mandated by Michigan law, requiring “steps to reconcile proposed land use categories in the Master Plan with existing zoning districts found in the zoning ordinance.” 

Michigan law specifically requires that a zoning ordinance shall be based on a plan designed to promote the public health, safety, and general welfare of township residents. The last approved Peninsula Township Master Plan is from 2011; a long overdue update is in progress. 

The citizen survey from late 2019, along with ongoing resident input, is shaping the rewrite process. Some of the top priorities identified in the survey are: creation of a non-motorized transportation plan; addressing traffic volume; protecting the quiet rural character as well as the natural shoreline; managing development and growth; and supporting programs to support low-impact agriculture, such as Purchase of Development Rights (PDR). 

You may view the current and proposed Master Plans below:

Current Township Master Plan 2011

Proposed Master Plan


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