Photo of East Bay focused on Power Island.

How you can get involved

PTP is actively involved improve the quality of life on our beautiful peninsula. Over the past 40 years, PTP has been present at more than 1,200+ meetings related to Township matters. We need more people to step up and help attend the public meetings of the Township Board, the Planning Commission, Parks Committee and Zoning Board of Appeals so that we can share our opinions and keep abreast of vital issues in the community. 

To attend a Township-related meeting, visit the Township website for the meeting schedule and where you can also sign up to have agendas distributed to you. 

We need all manner of volunteers. Let us know what what interests you by emailing 

The 2019 township-wide survey revealed strong concerns about traffic, non-motorized transportation, impact of wineries, preservation of our rural character, support of PDR and direction of future growth. As the Township wrestles with the Master Plan (View Current Master Plan, View Proposed Master Plan) issues at the forefront include:

  • Overnight lodging businesses/rentals
  • Road safety for bikes, cars, and pedestrians
  • Whether or not wineries can become restaurants and hotels
  • Archiving videos of Township public meetings 
  • Alternative energy 


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