Peninsula Township’s Ordinances Governing Wine Making

In December of 2022 the Township replaced most sections of the ordinance regulating wineries and replaced them with Amendment 201.

Amendment 201 defines allowed uses with clear guardrails permitting 3 types of wineries:

  1. Winery without tasting room – 40 acres – a Use By Right
  2. Winery with indoor tasting room – 50 acres – a Special Use Permit
  3. Winery with indoor tasting room and outdoor seating – 60 acres – a Special Use Permit

Currently existing wineries are “grandfathered” to allow to continued operation under the same rules as in the past, as detailed below:

Black Star Farms and Two Lads operate operate under Farm Processing “Use By Right” permission with limited allowances for retail.

Bowers Harbor, Brys Estate, Chateau Grand Traverse, Chateau Chantel, Bonobo, Tabone, Mari, and Hawthorn operate under “Special Use Permits” as Winery Chateau‘s that were given extensive review at the Planning Commission and Township Board level before being allowed to proceed.

Peninsula Cellars operates as a Remote Tasting Room (another type of Special Use Permit).



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