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In the spring of 2023 we had the pleasure of talking to a few local residents about what living on OMP means to them. They shared stories, memories and hopes for the future. Watch the videos below to hear their local perspectives.

Mary Lyon – Island View Orchard Farm

Did you know that Island View Orchard Farm has been in the Lyon family for five generations? Hear Mary share some of the farm’s history and how the owners of Island View Orchard Farm became an important part of the OMP community..

Jim Richards – Old Mission General Store

The Old Mission General Store is an OMP icon and landmark business. Owner, Jim Richards, shares some of the history of this storied building and his memories of meeting former owner George Lardie.

Chris Wilson

Chris grew up here on the Old Mission Peninsula. He recently returned to the area after graduating from college. Listen in as he shares some of the places he loves most about living on OMP. He also shares some childhood memories of his time at Mary Lyon’s daycare.

Erin Hafeli

Erin and her family own Lightwell Lavender Farm on Carrol Rd just a few minutes from Traverse City. She shares some of the reasons they purchased the farm on Old Mission Peninsula, and her hopes for the future. Learn more about what she offers at her boutique on-site and the online store at getlightwell.com.

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