Peninsula Township’s Ordinances Governing Wine Making

There are 4 sections of the ordinance that allow for wine making. One is a Use By Right (UBR) and three are by Special Use Permits (SUP)

UBR permits are granted without an extensive approval process with the Planning Commission and Board. So long as the applicant meets the requirement of the ordinance, the use is granted.

Farm Processing is the sole UBR winery option and has limited retail allowances Currently Section 6.7.2(19) of the PT Zoning Ordinance.

Black Star Farms and Two Lads operate under this UBR permission.

SUP: These uses go through extensive review at the planning commission and Board level. The individual plans must be approved in detail before being allowed to proceed.

Winery Chateau is an SUP use, currently Section 8.7.3(10) of the PT Zoning Ordinance

The following wineries operate under this SUP ordinance section: Bowers Harbor, Brys Estate, Chateau Grand Traverse, Chateau Chantel, Bonobo, Tabone, Mari, and Hawthorn

Remote Tasting Room is another SUP use, currently Section 8.7.3(12) of the PT Zoning Ordinance

Peninsula Cellars is the only winery under this SUP ordinance section.

Food Processing is the final SUP use, currently Section 8.5 of the PT Zoning Ordinance.

There are currently no wineries operating under this use which offers no retail allowances