Peninsula Township’s Parklands

Peninsula Township manages approximately 800+ acres of parkland, some township owned and other state owned but township managed. With miles of shoreline, hiking trails, playground equipment, and other facilities, these are immensely valuable assets to our community.

Our parks system has changed significantly over the past decade. The Old Mission Lighthouse is a historical structure that sits within one of our parks and has become a tourist destination, attracting many tens of thousands of visitors annually to the Lighthouse Park. That in turn has popularized the adjacent Old Mission State Park, which is managed by the township. Bowers Harbor Park has tripled in size with an addition. Kelley Park, near Haserot Beach, is now under township management. And Pelizzari Natural Area was added in 2009 as the only park on the south end of the township with hiking trails.

Our parks are heavily used and in need of significant upgrades, especially at Bowers Harbor Park. Parks have long operated without a dedicated funding source, instead taking from the township general fund. The town board and parks committee are currently working on plans and budgets for capital improvements and a dedicated operating budget.

PTP will actively monitor and assist in what will be a significant amount of work and money dedicated to these resources.