Help Protect Our Community

Protect the Peninsula (PTP) is a volunteer organization made up of a diverse cross section of OMP residents committed to preserving this beautiful community for future generations for the common good of everyone: farmers, winery owners, and residents.

You can help PTP by donating and volunteering.

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Please Note: This will open a PayPal page for Preserve Old Mission, a Michigan 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization affiliated with Protect The Peninsula. Your entire donation supports Protect The Peninsula in this important work.


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To Donate By Check

Please make your check payable to:
Preserve Old Mission
c/o Mark Nadolski, PO Box 1529
Traverse City, MI 49685


Over the past 40 years, PTP has been present at more than 1,200+ meetings related to Township matters. Most often, it’s been current PTP Board President, Mark Nadolski, who has shouldered the massive responsibility of attending these meetings and keeping other PTP members and the community updated. We need more people to step up and help attend the public meetings of the Township Board, the Planning Commission, Parks Committee and Zoning Board of Appeals so that we can share our opinions and keep abreast of vital issues in the community.

To attend a Township-related meeting, visit the Township website for the meeting schedule and where you can also sign up to have agendas distributed to you.

We need all manner of volunteers. Let us know what what interests you by emailing